In some cases an app may require permissions to use certain Homey App SDK functionality. In case a permission is not included in the App Manifest certain SDK manager methods will throw an error.

Adding permissions

Permissions are added to your /app.json manifest, in an array named permissions.


  "id": "",
  // ...
  "permissions": [

Available permissions

The following is a list of the permissions that an app may use (and the related manager):

Permission Manager
homey:manager:api ManagerApi
homey:manager:geolocation ManagerGeolocation
homey:manager:ledring ManagerLedring
homey:manager:speech-input ManagerSpeechInput
homey:manager:speech-output ManagerSpeechOutput
homey:wireless:433 ManagerRF (getSignal433)
homey:wireless:868 ManagerRF (getSignal868)
homey:wireless:ir ManagerRF (getSignalInfrared)
homey:wireless:ble ManagerBLE
homey:wireless:nfc ManagerNFC

An app should only include permissions it actually needs to function!

App-to-app communication

Apps can also talk to each other through their API's, however you need to define the correct permissions first. Permissions for app to app communication look like this homey:app:<appId>, for example homey:app:com.athom.example or

Visit ApiApp to learn more about apps talking to each other.